2. bofransson:

    "Still Life with Asters and Pears (Stilleben mit Astern und Birnen)” Felix Nussbaum (German-Jewish, 1904-1944)

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    supa relax

  4. lunarfog:

    Upside Down Town

  5. mattiasinks:

    Small yellow skeleton

  6. germanpostwarmodern:

    House (1974-78) built for himself in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, by Marc Held

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  7. magictransistor:

    Ibrahim El-Salahi. Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams. 1965.

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  8. nearlya:

    Tauba AuerbachA, E, F, I, K, L, R, ink on paper

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  9. biggestpaintingshowever:

    Thomas Eakins

    The Thinker: Portrait of Louis N. Kenton (1900).

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    clive holloway

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  11. archatlas:

    Cyril Rolando

    I am a french psychologist, 29 years old. I draw digitally since 2004. I like to work around the emotional aspect of humans and the colors of life =)”

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  13. bofransson:

    George Hendrik Breitner, Standing Nude (1893)

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    Georges Seurat “The Pont de Corbevoie” 1886

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  15. red-lipstick:

    During a recent storm in North Lincoln, Nebraska, Reddit user Jebleez captured this incredible photo that shows a storm cloud that looks eerily similar to rolling ocean waves.

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