2. blastedheath:

    Paul Henry (Irish, 1876-1958), A Connemara Village. Oil on canvas, 24 x 28 in.

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  3. slojnotak:

    Louis Meijer - Storm in het Nauw van Calais (1819-66)

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  4. archatlas:

    The North Star School Arkitema Architects

    "North Star School is a municipal primary school with approximately 1,200 students spread across four lanes and a large special class section. The school is in its star form an expression of its own structure. Each thanks to the star is a division of two vintages with its own identity, decorated in its own way, targeting exactly the age group that will be staying there. 

    The star is centered on a common square, heart space, where all school zones meet - a learning center, which is emphasized by a large red and sculptural library staircase. This is the school’s dynamo, where both professionalism and opportunity for social interaction are woven together in an inspiring environment.”

  5. hifructosemag:

    You no longer have to be a scientist to understand the catastrophic impact of pollution its friend global warming. In California, we’re facing the greatest drought in recorded history; marine animals are choking on our collective waste amid mass plastic contamination in the ocean; in China last year, 16,000 pig carcasses were spotted floating down Huangpu River. Chinese-born, New York-based artist Cai GuoQiang reacts to global environmental catastrophes with his monumental exhibition, “The Ninth Wave,” currently on view atPower Station of Art, China’s first publicly-funded contemporary art museum in Shanghai. An interdisciplinary show filled with large-scale installations, ceramic works, drawings and even performance, “The Ninth Wave” examines the harrowing after-effects of rampant industrialization with finesse. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

  6. that-angle-of-refraction-though:

    The movement of a single particle in an Ocean wave

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  8. mondonoir:

    Lena Nyadbi, Jimbala Country (2001), natural earth pigments and synthetic binder on canvas

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  10. autosafari:

    The exposed neck: from the accessory nerve (emerging) to the vocal fold.
    © Mosby/McMinn

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  11. allthingseurope:

    La Concepción Garden, Malaga, Spain (by Paolo Trabattoni)

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  13. documentassion:

    Jana Sterbak (b 1955), ‘Sisyphus Sport’, 1997, stone, leather straps and metal buckles, 50 x 36 x 25 cm.

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  14. vjeranski:

    Perfectly Balanced Table Made of Steel by Paul Cocksedge

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