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    Raymond Lemstra

    I feel incredibly out of touch but I had no idea NoBrow produced and published work like that. It is absolutely incredible as a piece I think you will be hard pressed to disagree, the dim colour palette adds to the dark mood of the piece, this shady figure on the front of this book.

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    Wilhelm Trübner 

    "View from Heidelberg Castle"

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    #wip #goodknight

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    Model by the Wicker Chair Edvard Munch

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    Augusto Arduini & Giuditta Brusadelli & The Clocksmiths

    Beautiful piece of branding coming out of a trio of Italian creatives from the great city of Milan. To the last detail everything has been thought through, even the gif has been tidied up to the concept of dance and movement but in a very slow, poetic and elegant manner. The graphic shapes painted onto the dancers bodies is in tune with the broad lines of the typography.

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    Huge German mural by Will Barras

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  8. Chris Berens's surreal painting
    Chris Berens's surreal painting
    Chris Berens's surreal painting
    Chris Berens's surreal painting
    Chris Berens's surreal painting


    Chris Berens (Netherlands)

    Chris Berens grew up near the historic Netherlands city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, steeped in the atmosphere exalted by painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. From an early age, he was immersed in his own inner world, a luminous realm inhabited by enigmatic characters and menageries of strange, compelling creatures. After studying illustration at the Academy of Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, he retired to an abandoned building near his hometown and proceeded to teach himself the techniques of the Old Masters, consumed with a desire to document the wondrous narrative unfolding within him. Eventually he set aside his oil paints and began experimenting with drawing inks, a fluid medium which allowed greater flexibility than oils, as well as spectacular distortion effects reminiscent of the view through an ancient handmade lens. When he was able to depict his visions with some degree of accuracy, he moved to Amsterdam, and in 2005 began exhibiting at the venerable Jaski Gallery. After four successful shows in Amsterdam, he released the book 2239, and then moved on to conquer the New World. His 2008 American debut, “Go West,” followed the shambolic journey of his internal universe across the North Pole to the show’s venue in Seattle. Since then, Berens has continued to paint with a passionate fervor, resulting in a remarkable evolution in his technique and three more triumphal exhibitions. In his most recent work, he wraps his visionary mythology around an epic saga about the arrival of his first child, Emma Leeuwenhart. (written by Amanda Erlanson)

    © All images courtesy the artist

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    STPMJ - Invisible Barn (2014)

    Seung Teak Lee and Mi Jung Lim of New York-based practice STPMJ have designed an “Invisible Barn”, a project that was awarded a notable entry for “Folly 2014” – a competition led by The Architectural League and Socrates Sculpture Park. The contest invites young and emerging designers to propose contemporary interpretations of the architectural folly, traditionally seen as a small-scale building or pavilion positioned within a garden or landscape.

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    Lyonel Feininger, The Bird Cloud, 1926

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    Pablo Picasso - Sculpture of a head (Marie-Therese), 1932

  12. Anna Szydłowska (Green Town, woj.lubuskie, Poland) - Head, 2013 Paintings: Oil on Canvas
    Anna Szydłowska (Green Town, woj.lubuskie, Poland) - Head, 2013 Paintings: Oil on Canvas
    Anna Szydłowska (Green Town, woj.lubuskie, Poland) - Head, 2013 Paintings: Oil on Canvas


    Anna Szydłowska (Green Town, woj.lubuskie, Poland) - 1: Head, 2013  2: Head, 2013  3: Head, 2013      Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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    John Singer Sargent, Madame Helleu, c.1889

  14. 1. Balance (1970)
    2. Olson (1985-86)
    3. House of Cards (One Ton Prop) (1968-69)
    4. Kitty Hawk (1983)
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    Jess Riva Cooper’s work is inspired by the idea of nature reclaiming abandoned architecture. Check out her “Viral Series” of ceramic busts on Hi-Fructose.