1. "What the art world has to offer… is room for speculative thought — What if? What if you put walls on the floor? What if elephants walk sideways? — and the freedom to look as long as you want."
    — Christopher Williams via New York Magazine (via moma)
  2. tiffanybozic:

    I present to you my latest painting for my show coming up October 16th in NYC. I don’t have a title for this yet (actually I have 20, but it’s always tricky finding the right one).

    48” x 36” acrylic on maple panel, 2014

    I painted some of my favorite birds from all around the world, namely Magbops, Upupa epops and a Honeyguide named for the remarkable habit of guiding humans to bee colonies. The birds in the painting are leading the observer to a mysterious geode hidden inside a Manzanita tree.

    Thank you so much for your interest in my work. If you are interested in checking out more paintings, here :)

  3. 7sobm:

    The Gif Connoisseur

    A firm favourite for artist name of the year, is possibly an admission of the possibilities upon this new art form, or rather our art form. By that I mean all us digital kids who created or observed these odd, humorous, artistic and sometime crazy gifs. This is a new thing, certainly not around when the chap in the suit was around was a teenager. I don’t think we are a million miles away from gif artists having their own exhibitions and such, I’ll be bit surprised if it’s not been done yet but image walking into one of these grand gallery halls and viewing gif artists work surrounding you, might be a tad surreal.

    7sobm : facebook | tumblr

  4. hifructosemag:

    We visited Mexico City-based street artist and illustrator Smithe’s studio to check out his latest work. See more on Hi-Fructose.

  5. booksnbuildings:

    The archive of the Istituto Degli Innocenti, Florence (Italy)

    Photo by mathrong

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  6. miyaando:

    Miya Ando Solo Exhibition, Tokyo  2011. Photos Yuji Shiraki.

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  7. nevver:

    Knock loud, I’m home.


  8. minisoggles:

    The farmer thought he saw a body in the canal, but it turned out to be a bucket stuck to a bin bag inflated like a balloon in the water. But this was, in fact, a body. The body of McBucket. McBucket achieved sentience in a cupboard where he had been upturned and stuck on the head of a mop. He…

  9. beesandbombs:

    black and white spinners

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  10. catmota:

    Composition 27  (2014)

    Michael Donovan

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  11. archatlas:

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    Featured Curator: Roberto Cruz Niemiec [ArchAtlas]

    Oral:phabet by Takayuki Ogawa uses the shape of the mouth as it creates the letters from A to Z as the starting point for this beautiful, and grotesque, typographic work.

  13. kylejthompson:

    untitled, from my book Somewhere Else

  14. worktheangle:

    Keeping Focused - Work the Angle
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  15. 2headedsnake:

    Can Buyukberber

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